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Welcome to Harrogate Tipple, the home of Premium Harrogate Gin and Premium Harrogate Rum.

He's Steve and I'm Sally, we're a married couple and we live in Harrogate with our three children and Rex (the dog). Harrogate captured our hearts from the moment we arrived; glamping in North Yorkshire, we popped in for lunch and left knowing that's where out hearts and lives belong! Less than a year later we'd moved our family and future here, without knowing a soul!

We've worked in the media industry for years, but feel it’s time to make the most of living in this lovely town, celebrating and sharing the surroundings and all it has to offer with you. We both enjoy a tipple or two, so it seemed like a good idea to mix business with pleasure, especially when we found what we thought would be the perfect building in the centre of Harrogate - an old smokehouse (built in 1899), in need of a little tender loving care..

Sally and Tom
Steve And Sally

And So It Started...

And so it started ... the idea for the Distillery was born as the maker of Premium Harrogate Tipples. We felt we could create and share our products first to see if you liked them as much as we do, and then concentrate on getting the doors to the distillery open as soon as possible, so, we released the first batch of Gin and Rum at Harlow Carr (Harrogate's own RHS garden) on the 1st October 2016, and, we're proud to say, it was a great success!

After working up lots of plans for the Smokehouse building, it slowly became apparent that this wasn’t the ideal place for Harrogate Tipple HQ after all. We were gutted but knew there was no point moving into somewhere that wasn’t perfect. With that in mind we decided to concentrate on Harrogate Tipple and leave the Smokehouse behind – with sights on finding the perfect place for the distillery to be created – and it had to be somewhere special.

A chance encounter and a love and admiration for Ripley Castle Estate led to us having a meeting with Sir Thomas Ingleby, in his home in the glorious Ripley Castle here in Harrogate. The Ingleby family have lived in the castle for over 750 years and in days gone by produced their own alcohol for consumption on the Estate. The meetings we’ve had since have opened up an incredible opportunity to create the most special distillery in the country. We’re thrilled to be able to announce that Harrogate Tipple have relocating to the Ripley Castle Estate where we’re not only creating a distillery in the grounds – we’ll also have a Gin School, set within the Castle itself. Here, you can pick your own botanicals from the vast and well stocked gardens, as well as from the beautiful Victorian Hot Houses. You’ll then create your own recipe and take home a personalized bottle of Gin!

The Head Gardener has made sure the right botanicals and plants have been planted, ready for us! Not only will our customers gain the experience of being in the grounds of Ripley Castle Estate and all it has to offer, our distillery is set to be truly magnificent, unlike any other in the world – providing a real insight into the world of spirits and how they’re produced.

Ripley Castle
Ripley Hot House

We’ve always prided ourselves in knowing that the key ingredients are sourced locally from Harrogate and the surrounding areas. They're not only sourced here, they're the best ingredients we could find, because nothing but the best is good enough for us! Most of the botanicals come from the well stocked gardens of Ripley Castle, RHS Harlow Carr provides the Lavender for our Premium Harrogate Gin, the wildflower honey in our Premium Harrogate Rum comes from a local company and of course, Harrogate Spring Water is the only water we use when we distill our tipples. As far as we know we are the only Gin in the world to use Harrogate Spring Water as part of the dilution process. We even hand label the bottles ourselves.

We strongly believe that the mixture of the local spring water and botanicals creates a very clean and smooth, crisp tasting gin. We won't compromise on any of it: from the ingredients to the packaging of our tipples. And, we strive to keep everything as local as possible.

The Tipple Fleet

Tiny Tipple

Tiny Tipple

Tipple Truck

Tipple Truck


We're very lucky to have Tiny Tipple (our little van) so we can personally deliver locally to us at no cost to you and we’ve got everything in place to send our tipples further afield.

We’re so excited about the newest member of Harrogate Tipple – a beautiful vintage Tipple Truck! Look out for it around Harrogate!


If you would like to ask us anything, please contact us on sally@harrogatetipple.com or steven@harrogatetipple.com - we'd love to hear from you!

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter '@HarrogateTipple' and see what we're up to, and of course you can find us in local outlets in the area.  

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