Meet Donnie

Donnie is our mascot, named after our youngest child. We love everything about otters here at Harrogate Tipple, especially that they are playful and only swim in the very best and cleanest of waters.

Drawn by a very talented young lady called Mila, who was tasked with creating a playful and characterful otter, like the ones found in the rivers around Harrogate.

Mila researched different otter species to inspire the perfect image of Donnie in her head. From a felt-tip doodle to the final rendering in fine detail. She was able to capture his character, ensuring his original charm shines wherever he goes. Mila certainly brought Donnie to life and we are all amazed at her talent and creativity.


We’re delighted to hear that otters are returning to the rivers around the Harrogate area, including the Niddand around Follifoot. They are already a regular sight at Staveley Nature Reserve, which is part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and encourages otters by creating habitats for them. 

We’ve pledged to give 5p from every Harrogate Tipple sold to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help protect their natural habitats.

You have now joined the Tipple Family! Thank you for your support!