Our Distillery

A chance encounter and a love and admiration for Ripley Castle Estate led to us having a meeting with Sir Thomas Ingilby. The Ingilby family have lived in the castle for over 700 years and in days gone by, produced their own alcohol for consumption on the Estate.

The meetings we have had since, opened up an incredible opportunity to create the most special distillery in the country. We are thrilled that Harrogate Tipple relocated to the Ripley Castle Estate in 2018, where we not only created a distillery, we have also built a Gin School, set within the Castle grounds itself.

Here you can create your own recipe for your very own bespoke bottle of gin. Seasonal botanicals are picked from the Castle gardens and put into a personal sized still. You can sample some of our finest gins whilst you wait for the still to create its magic. Then you can take your very own Tipple home with you.

Distillery Tours

We would love you to come and see our distillery to discover what we do here for yourselves. From botanical to bottling, we do everything ourselves under the Harrogate Tipple roof!


Our distillery tours will give you an insight to the history of gin making; you’ll see Zac and Cassie, our copper stills, up close and learn about how the process works. You can even see where we bottle and label all of our products, ready to pack and send out to our customers.

No tour would be complete without a sample of our most popular gins while a member of the team talks you through what you are tasting. The tour will end in our unique retail shop at the front of the distillery, in case you fancy picking up one of your favourites!

Distillery Tours

Please contact us directly if you’d like to book a distillery tour.

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