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Welcome to Harrogate Tipple, the home of Premium alcoholic beverages

Hello fellow Tipplers!
We are often asked why we changed our careers to open a distillery and we now realise there have been many defining moments. Unknowingly at the time, life had been guiding us towards this legacy, before we even knew it! The love affair with gin started many moons ago whilst growing up with my parents in Brazil. They would regularly enjoy a G&T sat in the sun with friends, it wasn’t long before I was old enough to enjoy one too.

We both worked in the thriving 90’s bar scene as students and soon learnt to differentiate the taste between a good drink, and a great drink. Steve was always fascinated with brewing and distilling. Even more so after he travelled the world filming the Bacardi distilleries, exploring the wonderful world of spirits and finding the secrets to fine flavours needed to make a perfect tipple.

After working in the TV industry for over 15 years in London we both decided it was time to move the family up North and start something new. Harrogate captured our hearts from the moment we arrived, and we immediately fell in love. Less than a year later we moved our family and future here. Little by little things fell into place and Harrogate Tipple was born.

Our home is the beautiful Ripley Castle Estate, where we pride ourselves in knowing that the key ingredients are sourced locally from Harrogate and the surrounding areas. They’re not only found here, they are the best ingredients we could find and only the best will do! Ensuring we find the right balance for a taste of true distinction.

We strive for you to enjoy our products and if you’re ever in Harrogate, we would love you to join us for a tipple or two, for an Otterly Marvellous experience.

Sally & Steve

Otterly Marvellous

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